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Valentine One

Valentine One, the best Radar Detector!


Mike Valentine is the designer and engineer behind the Valentine One, and as you would expect, he knows a thing or two about radar detectors. Long ago (no, not thát long) he was the chief engineer at Escort, but he thought he could make a better radar detector. So he went off and started his own company. And well, yeah, it was 1992. The fact that this detector has been around for such a long time, doesn’t mean it is past it’s sell-by-date. It just shows the popularity, and also, the research department at Valentine constantly improves the unit’s components and insides to ensure that it remains a top performer.


The design hasn’t much changed over the years, it is strong, light and rectangular. The casing is made from magnesium metal which helps to prevent electrical interference from other devices. It can be easily fixed to your dash or the windscreen.


The other thing that makes this detector so special is that it offers protection from the front and the back; the Valentine One includes two radar detector antennas – one in the front and one in back.  Most detectors on the market have just one antenna that points toward the front of the car to alert you to potential upcoming threats. The addition of a rear-facing antenna in the Valentine One can alert you to threats coming up behind you.


One unique feature of the Valentine One is the large red arrows on the front indicate from which direction the radar signal is coming. In addition to the arrows, the unit includes what Valentine calls the bogey counter, which displays the number of simultaneous threats detected in the area. For example, if there is a speed trap ahead of you and a police car coming up behind you, the forward and back arrows are illuminated and the bogey counter displays the number two.


Valentine One radar detectors are among the best when it comes to detection range and accuracy. The unit  detects lasers and the X, K and Ka bands. Also, it detects the Ku band that is frequently used in many European countries. One occasion the Valentine One can detect radar signals from as far away as five miles. However, because of that, this detection power means it also picks up a some false alerts now an then.

Bells and whistles

The Valentine One radar detector offers a really good feature set and unique design that will keep you protected from different types of laser and radar. Although it doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles a radar detector could have, it will keep you protected.

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